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Yellow Vintage Metal Pickup Truck Model
Product Name Yellow Vintage Metal Truck Pickup Truck Metal Decor Car Home Gift Ideas
Classification Ornament
Handmade 100%
Materials iron
Weight (g) 600
Dimensions (inches) Width 12.2
Height 5.5
Depth 6.5
Occasion Flower Planters, Garden Decor, Desktop Storage, Gift Baskets, Kitchen, Living Room, Bookshelf, Christmas, Easter Eggs, Halloween, Birthday, Wedding, Children's Day, Send Friends and Family
Style Iron, Vintage metal truck, hand painted paint coloring, gifts, festival, collection, ornaments, storage box

Nostalgia for yellow trucks will be at the heart of your dining table. You can place your own decorations in the truck cargo area, such as flower arrangement.
Place small plants or succulents in the truck's cargo area to bring classic style to your room and bring nostalgia to life. This vintage yellow truck can be used as decorative table top storage, gift baskets and more.
This yellow truck can not only be used by yourself, but also can be given away to friends and relatives, the retro styling is also highly ornamental, you are worth having!

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