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Anxi Iron Crafts, the world shines

Where are we?

 Joeyshine From Anxi, the capital of iron craft in China, the iron craft industry is the largest export earning industry in Anxi. In 2021, the county has more than 2200 iron craft enterprises, more than 3000 processing points, 150000 employees and an output value of 23 billion yuan. The products are exported to 104 countries and regions such as the United States, European Union, Australia, and the Middle East. Anxi Iron Crafts accounts for about one third of the trade volume of similar products in China, and is the largest production and export base of iron handicrafts in China.

Who are we?

Joeyshine is a family factory dedicated to inheriting iron crafts. Our generations have inherited iron crafts, inherited family iron crafts technology, and made production by hand. Joeyshine Carefully the Chinese traditional ancient iron combined with the latest advanced technology, constantly improve and perfect the technical process, to produce high quality, unique, affordable products, make exquisite iron furniture, decorations, etc. Our technology is praised by aesthetic followers, and we are also one of the respected iron furniture manufacturers in Anxi. Joeyshine can match different styles according to customers' needs, give professional customized design, and create elaborate, noble and beautiful iron art.

About the website

Joeyshine Is the website of Anxi Jiayixing Company. The founder Joey was born in a traditional iron craft family, and his parents all made iron craft production. Joey was influenced by the iron craftwork from childhood. The iron produced shiny and exquisite works under the beating and forging. These craftwork processes deeply attracted him and made him fall in love with the iron craftwork. Joey majored in art and design in university. Joey majored in art design in university. After finishing his studies, Joey returned to his family and engaged in iron art design, designing fashionable and durable iron products. In 2022, due to the impact of the epidemic, the family's performance declined sharply. In order to solve the current difficulties, Joey changed the family's traditional sales model and created the website hopes to transmit exquisite and lovely works to every corner of the world through the Internet, so that more friends with the same interests have the opportunity to contact it and like it. The brand comes from the name of JOEY and the spirit of Shine, a blacksmith. Shine also hopes that each of us can maintain a tenacious, shining and sunny attitude. Joeyshine Committed to promoting home handicrafts, so that each handicraft can find their home, to bring joy and sunshine to more families.

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