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Golden Metal Tricycle Wine Rack
Product Name Metal home decor vintage metal tricycle red wine rack ornaments home gift ideas
Classification Ornament
Handmade 100%
Materials iron
Weight (g) 393
Dimensions (inches) Width 11.2
Height 5.7
Depth 8.3
Occasion Kitchen, Living Room, Bookshelf, Christmas, Easter Eggs, Halloween, Birthday, Wedding, Children's Day, Send Friends and Family
Style Iron Art, Vintage metal wine stand, hand painted spray paint coloring, gifts, festival, collections, ornaments, memorabilia

Use our bike-shaped antique plant stand to add color to your interior. This metal plant stand is designed with 3 brackets to display your potted flowers or plants. Exquisite scroll trim details that add elegance to your living space.
It is well sized for bay windows, table center or outdoor patio. Features: Perfect and portable, the "basket" is actually a flower pot. The wheels have a heart-shaped design instead of the spokes. Great for cactus or succulents as the pots have no drain holes. It can also be used to place wishing candles, candy, keys, etc. Recommended for both indoor and outdoor use.

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