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Bench Couple Wine Rack Ornament
Product Name Metal home decor vintage metal bench couple red wine rack ornaments home gift ideas
Classification Ornament
Handmade 100%
Materials iron
Weight (g)
Dimensions (inches) Width 0.0
Height 0.0
Depth 0.0
Occasion Valentine's Day, Anniversary, Wedding, Table, nightstand, shelf, bookcase, dining table, birthday, Christmas, office, send friends and family
Style Iron art, welding doll, love, gifts, festival, pure handmade, shape chic, souvenirs

Every screw man is unique-these welding figures are handcrafted with loving detail. This makes each character unique
Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend or boyfriend-Whether it's Valentine's Day, anniversary, wedding day or as a small gift in the middle, with this screw, you have an original gift for different occasions
These lovely metal figures are impressive with many small details and metallic glossy surfaces. With its screws, nuts and metal, these figures will be a real striking focus in your home
Discover our tons of metal figures and wine bottle racks. We provide suitable gifts for many careers, daily living and gift giving occasions. Metal Men are a popular gift somewhere in between

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