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Tree of Life Wind Chime
Product Name Wind Chimes Outdoor Tree of Life Painted Metal Windbell Garden Home Gift Ideas
Classification Wind chime
Handmade 100%
Materials iron
Weight (g) 220
Dimensions (inches) Width 3.9
Height 3.2
Depth 25.2
Occasion Garden, porch or window pane, decorated bedroom, living room, windows, garden, courtyard, garden, garden, corridor, hallways, windows
Style Iron art, wind chimes, gifts, sweet sounds, collection, bright colors, durable, holiday, anniversaries

Personalized colors make the wind chimes look retro and unique. The green tree of life with gold is beautiful anywhere the sun shines in your house. Bell tones make different scales, adding infinite fun to your tedious life.
Hanging on the eve of a house, porch, courtyard, balcony, or as a garden or house.
enjoy...very much! The wind bell plays a melodious and clear tune, when the natural wind blows through it, enjoy the wind bell brings you the sweet and soothing melody.
For peace, safety, health and happiness, with a combination of a beautiful sound and a brand new and elegant design, it is a special gift for yourself, your family and friends!

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