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Two Butterflies Wall Decor
Product Name Metal Home Decor Solid Color Metal Butterfly Wall Decoration Wall Hanging Two-piece Set Metal Home Decor
Classification Mural decoration
Handmade 100%
Materials iron
Weight (g) 42
Dimensions (inches) Width 6.7
Height 4.5
Depth 0.8
Occasion Garden, bedroom, upholstery, fence around, wall decor
Style Iron art, bright color, with holes in the back, shaking, exquisite, gift, beautiful, solid color

This large metal butterfly wall art is fun and colorful, perfect for adding something different to your garden. These are made of metal and decorated with hand-painted finishes, adding features to ordinary walls and even beds and borders.
Made of weather resistant materials with a bright finish and detail oriented, this wall art is a lovely gift for butterflies and garden lovers.
With exquisite enamel gloss finishes, they are a great gift when you are looking for exceptional gifts.

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