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Product Name European-style creative home furnishings modern simple iron candlestick personalized restaurant table decoration
Classification Candlestick
Handmade 100%
Materials Iron
Occasion Table decoration, personalized restaurant, creative home furnishing accessories, iron candlestick, gift giving, art exhibition
Style Creative design, unique personality, table decoration, romantic candlelight, warm atmosphere


This European-style creative home furnishing accessory, a modern and simple iron candlestick, is a perfect decoration for dining tables. It is made of high-quality iron material, processed with fine craftsmanship, durable and has a good texture. The unique candlestick design, simple yet elegant, adds a unique and distinctive touch to your dining room. When used with candles, it can create a warm and romantic dining atmosphere. This iron candlestick accessory adds an artistic and creative touch to your home space, bringing a beautiful decorative effect to your dining room.

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