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Christmas Vintage Sleigh Cart Model
Product Name Home Gift Ideas Red Vintage Metal Sleigh Cart Flower Pot Metal Decorations
Classification Ornament
Handmade 100%
Materials iron
Weight (g) 1008
Dimensions (inches) Width 16.3
Height 7.9
Depth 11.6
Occasion Home, office, dining table, mantle, front porch or yard, Christmas, dinner, candy dish
Style Iron, sleled truck, color festive, economical and practical, festive atmosphere, gifts, ornaments

This metal vintage sleigh truck instantly adds charm to your Christmas style decor. You can decorate them with the flowers or arrangements of your choice!
Made of fine metal and professionally hand-painted in vibrant Christmas colors, this sleigh is the real winner of your annual holiday collection!
Decorn your home, office, dining table, mantle, front porch, or yard with this gorgeous Santa Claus sleigh as an ornament. Use it to show gifts, decorated with Christmas poinsettia, or something delicious to please someone closest to you!

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