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Silver Retro Metal Tractor Model Decor
Product Name Red Retro Metal Tractor Flower Pot Metal Home Metal Decorations
Classification Ornament
Handmade 100%
Materials iron
Weight (g) 1300
Dimensions (inches) Width 18.5
Height 7.9
Depth 12.6
Occasion Kitchen, living room, bookshelf, mantel, living room, storage box, flower pot
Style Iron Art, Vintage metal tractors, hand painted spray paints, gifts, festivals, collections, ornaments, car enthusiasts

This red vintage metal tractor features a vintage tractor silhouette design, and you can say that this decorative flowerpot can go from the barn to the yard. It is made of metal imitation old veneer, and can place real or artificial plants indoors or outdoors. Handmade iron art, rough and nostalgic modeling, to create a different artistic feeling.
This item serves as a gift and is the best choice for your friends and family. This product is made of iron, feel smooth, delicate and durable.

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