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Red Metal Butterfly Wall
Product Name Red metal butterfly wall Art wall ornaments pendant metal garden animal
Classification Mural decoration
Handmade 100%
Materials iron
Weight (g) 350
Dimensions (inches) Width 20.3
Height 0.8
Depth 14.0
Occasion Garden, Bedroom, upholstery, Fence Around, Wall Decoration, Backyard
Style Iron art, bright colors, holes in the back, hollow out, exquisite, gift, beautiful, hand colored

Iron wall hanging have a wide range of applications and can be decorated in hallways, gardens or windows.
Beautiful lines, clever modelling, the back exquisite design of the decorative pattern, make your home more warm.
The exquisite pattern in the north makes the whole butterfly decoration is active up, and the back after manual coloring, spray painting, high temperature baking and other processes are made, so it will not drop the paint, rust.
Butterfly back firm hook, do not worry about the butterfly wall ornaments to fall off at will, safe and rest assured.

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