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Product Name Metal Decor Outdoor Peacock Painted Metal Courtyard Garden Home Gift Ideas
Classification Ornament
Handmade 100%
Materials iron
Weight (g) 691
Dimensions (inches) Width 14.2
Height 7.1
Depth 18.3
Occasion Garden decorations are suitable for weddings, parties, gardens, landscaping, lawns, sidewalks, giving to colleagues, friends and family, parks
Style Iron art, bright colors, realistic shapes, gift, peacock, detachable tail, beauty, a symbol of dignity

The peacock is a symbol of beauty and dignity.
Large size and beautiful posture, both indoor and outdoor are more striking.
Putting this metal peacock in the flowers and plants will bring more life.
Bright, vibrant glossy color, beautiful detachable tail.
Delicate garden decorations suitable for weddings, parties, gardens, landscapes, lawns, sidewalks. It is also the best gift for your colleagues, friends, and family.

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