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Painted Metal Owl Model
Product Name Metal Home Decor Painted Metal Creative Owl Home Gift Ideas
Classification Ornament
Handmade 100%
Materials iron
Weight (g) 331
Dimensions (inches) Width 8.3
Height 8.7
Depth 3.4
Occasion Bedroom dining decoration, backyard, garden, aisle or entrance, cloaks, coffee table, bookshelf or any room, home decor, office
Style Iron Art,, Owl, Cute cute, brightly colored, gift, collection, souvenirs, ornaments

High quality hand painted coating with excellent durability and rust protection, especially in sunlight
Suitable for girls, babies, boys or children bedroom dining decorations
Attractive metal garden art can be used as outdoor table decorations or fixed in trees, porches, fences or lace
These lovely owl metal arts are the perfect addition to your backyard, garden, aisle, or entrance
Place it in your cloak, coffee table, bookshelf, or any room for instant fashion

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