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Product Name Metal Painted Hummingbird Dragonfly Wind Chime Metal Glass Crafts Bell Aluminum Tube Home Courtyard Pendant
Classification Mural Decoration
Handmade 100%
Materials Iron, Glass
Occasion Courtyard decoration, wind chime hummingbird shape, space embellishment, home decoration, art decoration
Style Fresh rural style, wind chime hummingbird style, natural element style, European classical style, courtyard decoration style.


This wind chime hummingbird dragonfly metal glass painting craft pendant bell aluminum tube home garden pendant perfectly combines freshness and naturalness with artistic decoration. Using high-quality metal materials, it is produced through fine craftsmanship to create a unique wind chime hummingbird shape. The hummingbird symbolizes hard work and beauty, and combined with the pendant, it implies happiness and sweetness of life. The pendant uses glass painting process, with bright colors and exquisite patterns, adding an artistic and creative touch to the home or garden space. The aluminum tube production makes the pendant more durable and suitable for long-term use. Whether it is a fresh pastoral style, a retro metal style or a simple modern style home space, it can be perfectly integrated, showing unique beauty and charm. This decoration adds a unique and elegant touch to your home or garden space, bringing a beautiful decorative effect to your home life.

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