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Product Name Creative wall art tropical fish wall hanging interior decoration pendant decoration
Classification Mural decoration
Handmade 100%
Materials Iron
Weight (g) 98
Dimensions (inches) Width:12.0; Height:7.0
Occasion Artistic decoration, outdoor garden, artistic decoration, modern minimalist style, fish wall hanging
Style Iron art retro style, simple modern style, European elegant style, Mediterranean romantic style


This iron fish pendant outdoor garden craft decoration home decoration fish wall hanging, with exquisite iron craftsmanship and lifelike fish design, adds a unique and distinctive touch to your outdoor garden or home space. The fish pendant is made of high-quality metal material and processed with fine craftsmanship, featuring strong and durable characteristics. The fish-shaped design is full of dynamism and vitality, as if swimming in the water, bringing a fresh and natural touch to your outdoor garden or home space. This decoration adds an artistic and creative touch to your outdoor garden or home space, bringing a beautiful decorative effect to your home life. Whether placed in the courtyard, balcony or park, it can integrate with the surrounding environment, bringing a unique artistic feel to your home life.

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