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Metal Swordfish Wall
Product Name Metal Swordfish Wall Art Decor Outdoor Wall Sculpture Decor Hanging Garden Fence Backyard Courtyard Bedroom Living Room Outdoor Hangstery Metal Decorations
Classification Mural decoration
Handmade 100%
Materials iron
Weight (g) 153
Dimensions (inches) Width 15.2
Height 8.9
Depth 1.0
Occasion Home, Bedroom, Living Room, Office, Kitchen, Garden, Courtyard, Ocean Theme Party, Sailing Club
Style Iron art, swordfish, bright color gifts, hollow out, chic shape, back with hook, hanging, no rust

Place it on any blank wall space to add texture and depth to your home. Bring the living and textured dimensions to your wall space with this beautifully made wall decoration. Suitable for indoor or outdoor display of multifunctional decoration, no rust, weatherproof. An eclectic style.
Each swordfish art statue is a unique ornament. Excellent gift for friends and family.

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