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Christmas Candle Holder Sleigh Maple Leaf
Product Name christmas Candlestick Metal Sleigh Maple Leaf Set Three Hole Metal Home Decor
Classification Candlestick
Handmade 100%
Materials iron
Weight (g) 258
Dimensions (inches) Width 16.5
Height 4.7
Depth 7.7
Occasion Farmhouse Wedding, Winter Dining Table Centerpiece, Home Decor, Birthday Party, Wedding Decor, Bathroom Set, Candelit Dinner, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year
Style Iron art, beautiful shape, economic and practical, candlestick, lifelike, gift, collection, memorial festival

Place your favorite candle or napkin on the dining table or console to create simple and festive decorations. With high-quality branches, you can easily bend, twist, and bend them for the perfect look!

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