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Product Name Windmill outdoor metal iron crafts creative garden windmill decoration
Classification Ornament
Handmade 100%
Materials Iron
Dimensions (inches) 32cm * 32cm * 100cm
Occasion Outdoor garden, windmill decoration, home decoration, gift giving, public place decoration, courtyard decoration
Style Modern and simple style, creative design style, pastoral and fresh style, Mediterranean style, children's fun style

This windmill outdoor metal iron crafts creative garden windmill decoration, with exquisite metal iron craftsmanship and unique windmill shape, adds a unique and distinctive touch to your outdoor garden space. The windmill decoration is made of high-quality metal materials, processed with fine craftsmanship, durable and has a good texture. The unique windmill design is full of dynamic and vitality, bringing a fresh and natural touch to your outdoor garden. Whether it is paired with a simple modern style garden decoration or a European classical style garden decoration, it can be perfectly integrated, showing a unique beauty and charm. This decoration adds an artistic and creative touch to your outdoor garden space, bringing a beautiful decorative effect to your home life.


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