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Product Name Metal Birds Window Hangings Garden Decoration Suncatcher Cardinal Gifts Bird Gift for Bird Lovers 
Classification Mural Decoration
Handmade 100%
Materials iron
Occasion Pastoral style, painted decoration, window ornaments, garden landscape, home beautification
Style Painting art, natural elements, simple fashion, fresh and elegant, home beautification


This metal bird painting window decoration is an ideal choice for garden decoration. Using metal material, it presents a unique metallic texture, combined with painting process, it is more artistic and ornamental. The pendant is designed as a group of birds, lifelike, as if about to fly. Its pastoral style makes people feel the beauty of nature, and it is also suitable for various home styles. This pendant can be used for window decoration, and also can be used as a space embellishment, adding a sense of vitality and intelligence. Make your home or garden landscape more elegant and chic.

Metal Birds Window Hangings Garden Decoration

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