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Product Name Metal ants lovely metal big ant color creative ant four-piece set metal home decor
Classification Ornament
Handmade 100%
Materials iron
Weight (g) 102
Dimensions (inches) Width 4.3
Height 6.3
Depth 6.3
Occasion Living Room, Bedroom, Dining Room, Office, Hotel, Bar, Bookcase, Fireplace, Desktop Decoration, Garden
Style Iron art, color, shake, cute, exquisite, gift, collection



Using nails or screws to any wall or fence in your garden (in your home if you wish) and using a ring attached to the ant sculpture, you can hang it like they are crawling and crawling on a vertical surface.
This climbing ant is suitable both indoors and outdoors. If you choose to hang it outside, it has been coated with UV protection and weather resistance paint.
Can be used in living room, bedroom, dining room, office, hotel, bar, bookcase, fireplace, desktop decoration, etc

A unique and novel way to decorate your garden. This recycled metal ant ornament looks like it is crawling around your fence or walls.
Promotional gifts, home decorations, souvenirs, collectibles, etc
Sold as a set of 4 pieces. These stunning little ant statues have multiple uses and can be beautifully displayed when gathered together, paired, or used alone.
Long considered a symbol of spring, new beginnings and good luck, this set of 4 realistic little ants is the perfect gift for many occasions.

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