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Product Name Outdoor Large Metal Sunflowers for Garden Iron Art Wall
Classification Mural Decoration
Handmade 100%
Materials Iron
Dimensions (inch) 17*13 inch
Occasion Retro-style restaurant, romantic pastoral bedroom, garden villa living room, elegant balcony leisure area
Style Elegant style, romantic style, simple style, European style, natural style


This European-style rural style creative living room wall decoration wall decoration sunflower iron art pendant pendant is full of artistic and creative expression. Using high-quality iron art materials, it is produced through fine craftsmanship to create a unique sunflower shape. The sunflower symbolizes sunshine and hope, and when combined with the pendant, it implies the beauty and happiness of life. The pendant adopts a simple and modern European design style, with smooth lines and elegant shape, adding a unique and distinctive touch to the living room wall. Whether it is paired with a simple and modern style home decoration or an European classical style home decoration, it can be perfectly integrated, showing a unique beauty and charm. This decoration adds an artistic and creative touch to your living room space, bringing a beautiful decorative effect to your home life.

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