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Product Name Large Modern Gold Metal Wall Clock  for Living Room Handmade Nature Home Art Decoration
Classification Mural Decoration
Handmade 100%
Power Source Battery Powered
Materials iron
Occasion Banquet hall, business club, leisure study, spacious corridor, exquisite bedroom, elegant restaurant, art gallery, elegant office
Style New Chinese style, light luxury and simplicity style, iron art style, fashion and creative style, wall decoration style


This new Chinese-style light luxury ironwork hollowed-out fashion horse wall clock is an ideal choice for decorating the living room wall. It uses ironwork craftsmanship and has a unique artistic beauty through careful hollow design. The stylish horse-shaped wall clock shape is elegant and chic, adding a sense of intelligence and vitality to your living room. In addition, it also has a mute function, allowing you to enjoy time without being disturbed by noisy clock sounds. This wall clock uses a wall mute design, allowing you to safely hang it on the living room wall without causing any interference to your life. It is a new fashionable choice for home wall clocks, which will add elegance and taste to your home decoration. Whether it is a new Chinese style or a light luxury minimalist style, it can be perfectly integrated to show its unique charm.

Large Gold Metal Wall Clock
Large Gold Metal Wall Clock

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