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Iron Rotary Shaped Windmill
Product Name Metal Art Swirling Windmill Outdoor Garden Ornament Lawn Decoration
Classification Ornament
Handmade 100%
Materials Iron
Weight (g) 897
Dimensions (inches) Width:13.0; Height:42.0
Occasion Iron rotary windmill, courtyard landscape, garden corner, outdoor decoration, special-shaped modeling
Style European classical style, industrial style, unique creative style, artistic decoration style

This iron-art rotating shaped windmill outdoor garden metal ornament craft lawn decoration exhibits a unique artistic charm with its unique rotating windmill shape and exquisite iron-art craftsmanship. It is made of high-quality metal materials and undergoes fine craftsmanship processing, which makes it durable and sturdy. The rotating windmill shape brings a sense of intelligence and vitality to your outdoor space, while the exquisite iron-art craftsmanship adds a sense of art and creativity. This decoration adds a beautiful decorative effect to your outdoor garden or lawn space, making it a beautiful landscape. Whether placed in the courtyard, balcony, or park, it can integrate with the surrounding environment and bring a unique artistic experience to your home life.

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