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Horse Statue Home Decor
Product Name Iron metal horse statue decorative iron crafts
Classification Ornament
Handmade 100%
Dimensions 24cm * 7cm * 20cm
Materials iron
Occasion Office decoration, shopping mall display, gift giving, collectibles, art exhibitions
Style Abstract art style, European elegant style, luxury noble style, modern simple style, metallic texture style


This iron metal horse statue decorative iron crafts is full of artistic and creative. Using high-quality iron metal materials, it is produced through fine craftsmanship to create a unique horse statue. The horse statue is vivid and full of movement and vitality, adding a unique and distinctive touch to your home or outdoor space. The use of iron metal material makes this decoration more durable and has a good texture. This decoration adds an artistic and creative touch to your home or outdoor space, bringing a beautiful decorative effect to your home life. Whether placed on the balcony, garden or living room, it can become a beautiful scenery.

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