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Golden Metal Gecko Hanging
Product Name Gold metal gecko wall art wall trim pendant wall trim metal wall art
Classification Mural decoration
Handmade 100%
Materials iron
Weight (g) 250
Dimensions (inches) Width 11.4
Height 2.4
Depth 20.1
Occasion Fades, yards, fences, fences, porches, garden walls, doors or windows, home decor, garden decorations
Style Iron art, gecko, send friends and family, gifts, exquisite workmanship, bright color, pure handmade, collection

This playful artificial gecko lights up any wall with its bright colors. Geecko Wall Art is a beautiful addition to your fence, yard, or porch and will also illuminate your family activity room, bedroom, office, or bathroom.
Made of durable gold metal, the bright colors beautifully highlight your existing decorations, while bringing beauty and personalization to your outdoor space. The vivid colors painted with this beautiful wall decoration bring life to any space. Hang easily with eye hooks attached to the back of the wall art.
Try this colorful wall decoration to illuminate any space. The product is simple and spectacular and perfect for a patio or porch. You will fall in love with the striking colors and exquisite decorations.

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