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Painted Metal Flamingo Model
Product Name Metal Decor Outdoor Flamingo Painted Metal Courtyard Garden Metal Decorations
Classification Ornament
Handmade 100%
Materials iron
Weight (g) 664
Dimensions (inches) Width 9.3
Height 6.1
Depth 22.2
Occasion Yard, garden, indoor, outdoor, flower beds, terrace, patio, backyard, home decorations, park, festival, wedding scene
Style Iron, handmade, removable, bright colored, realistic shape, gift, love, ornaments

Metal material is more durable, bad weather resistant, the surface after anti-rust treatment, not easy to be blown down by the wind, high temperature baking paint color bright and lasting, not easy to wear out in the process of transportation damage. You don't have to insert it into the soil, just put it in a flat place.
Add a touch of tropical ideas to any garden or yard with this colorful pink flamingo. Elegant, tall, and elegant, this striking bird is adorned with layers of cut feathers, lively yellow bills, and a curved neck.
Handmade from welded iron, made in pink, purple and rose, and the textured surface makes each feather visually interesting. This high-quality sculpture is handmade by skilled craftsmen. Each piece is slightly unique, and no two are completely identical.

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