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Shallow Pot Flamingo
Product Name Metal Animal Planters Yellow Metal Flamingo Pot with Spring Wings Metal Decorations
Classification Flowerpot
Handmade 100%
Materials iron
Weight (g) 550
Dimensions (inches) Width 14.2
Height 9.1
Depth 11.0
Occasion Flower pot, garden decoration, garden potted plant, work desk, storage items
Style Iron art, bright colors, elegant shape, hand-colored, solid and solid, flamingos

Some people say that flamingos are sacred birds, representing the firmness of love, meaning love loyalty, life luck.
Flamingo is a symbol of loyalty and love, is the hot household element in recent years, dedicated to you who love life.
Elegant modeling, bright and innocent, simple and neat, the feather depiction is fine, highlighting the sense of quality;
Seiko fine work, manual color, clear lines, lifelike, colorful, stable and solid;
Iron material, metal welding, play a role in stable.

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