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Metal Duck Model Green
Product Name Metal Decor Outdoor Duck Painted Metal Courtyard Garden Metal Decorations
Classification Ornament
Handmade 100%
Materials iron
Weight (g) 666
Dimensions (inches) Width 14.2
Height 6.9
Depth 19.5
Occasion Yard, Garden, Swimming Pool, Indoor, Outdoor, Flower bed, Patio, Backyard, Home Decor, Park
Style Iron art, duck, brightly coloured, durable, no fading, gifts, ornaments, ornaments

Unique garden decorations. These charming duck garden decorative designs are designed. Keep these duck sculptures in your yard, garden in or swimming pool. Seeing the decoration is as if the summer is beautiful.
Whether you are a garden lover or animal lover, this cheerful garden decoration is perfect for injecting color and fun into your indoor and outdoor spaces. This sweet duck will happily wander around your pond, flower beds, terraces or conservatory, with a smile wherever it goes. The outdoor ornament is made of recycled steel plates, with an old finish, a bright painted look, a green head and tail, and an orange bill and feet.

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