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Vintage Metal Letter Box
Product Name Metal Decor Outdoor Color Retro Metal Letter Box Email Metal Decorations
Classification Ornament
Handmade 100%
Materials iron
Weight (g) 1115
Dimensions (inches) Width 9.8
Height 5.1
Depth 14.4
Occasion Mailbox, decorated, placed on a mantel or driveway, Christmas, various holidays
Style Iron art, metal mail box, hand painted spray paint coloring, gifts, holidays, ornaments

Artificial imitation of the old, to create an antique appearance
Made of high quality metal for maintenance-free display for many years.
Upgrade your mailbox for the holiday with this vibrant traditional ornament. Keep the magical feel for your child, and place this box on the mantel or driveway to add a special feel to this Christmas. With the unique hand designs created by our own artists, this high quality product will impress your guests over the years to come.

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