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Hollow Metal Chicken Ornament
Product Name Chicken metal indoor desk decoration ornaments animals home gift ideas
Classification Ornament
Handmade 100%
Materials iron
Weight (g) 140
Dimensions (inches) Width 4.5
Height 3.4
Depth 6.5
Occasion Bedroom, living room, Bookcase, work desk, work desk, holiday gifts
Style Iron art, handmade, hollow-out design, small and exquisite, collection, gifts, ornaments

Unique and creative, accurate in detail, and handcrafted with high-quality statues.
Forging with high quality iron material, not easy to deformation, very durable, can be placed for a long time to remember your life and time.
These chick ornaments come to life and you will be happy to take many photos. Each chick is carefully designed, with bright eyes, painted beak, hollow feathers and convincing metal legs, especially the gradual feathers becoming the finishing touch, making it unique

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