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Blue Metal Butterfly Wall Decor
Product Name Blue metal butterfly wall art pendant metal garden animal
Classification Mural decoration
Handmade 100%
Materials iron
Weight (g) 600
Dimensions (inches) Width 19.9
Height 1.4
Depth 14.6
Occasion Garden, bedroom, upholstery, fence around, wall decor
Style Iron art, bright colors, with holes in the back, hollow out, exquisite, gift, beautiful

Because of the legend of the Butterfly Lovers, the butterfly has given it to the Chinese people the meaning of pursuing romantic love. The butterfly itself is also monogamy and a representative of loyalty in the insect world, so it is regarded as a symbol of happiness in marriage and love.
Traditional Chinese literature often takes butterflies flying as a symbol of free love, which shows people's yearning and pursuit of the most free love.
High-quality materials and fine workmanship, and durable. Metal Butterfly Home Decor.
Charming butterflies that will add whimsical colors to any home or garden space! Look great when independent, or hang a flock of butterflies for a bright and colorful look. Hanging indoors or outdoors, and with prefabricated holes at the bottom, you can easily add these vibrant wall artwork to any space around the house!

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