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Metal Animal Blue Heron Painted
Product Name Blue Heron Painted Metal Courtyard Garden Balcony Metal Garden Animal
Classification Ornament
Handmade 100%
Materials iron
Weight (g) 800
Dimensions (inches) Width 15.0
Height 7.1
Depth 40.4
Occasion home, garden, porch, courtyard, lawn, yard, park, lawn, balcony, landscape
Style Iron art, blue heron, exquisite, decoration, detachable, gift, collection, durable

A lovely blue heron gently comes to the grass, the sun is shining brightly, smelling the intoxicating flowers, green flowers, fragrant flowers everywhere, and this exquisite painted metal sculpture captures the magic of that moment, and places it directly in your garden.
Blue heron is hand-made of solid metal and steel parts, and skillfully hand-painted in a blue and white way, simple and clear color, lovely and warm expression, pure hand-painted handicrafts, clear texture and lifelike.
Whether it is to place the indoor, outdoor, garden fence, into the door, the corner of the wall, it is a beautiful scenery, to add a unique and charming charm to your home, garden, porch, courtyard, lawn, and yard.

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