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Black Vintage Metal Pickup Truck Model Decor
Product Name Black vintage metal pickup truck flower pot metal home metal decorations
Classification Ornament
Handmade 100%
Materials iron
Weight (g) 900
Dimensions (inches) Width 14.4
Height 7.9
Depth 7.9
Occasion Plant pot, storage box, gift basket, kitchen, living room, Christmas, succulent potted plant, birthday, gift
Style Iron art, black vintage metal truck, hand painted spray paint, attention to detail, gifts, festival, collection, ornaments, pieces, storage box, car enthusiasts

This vintage style black vintage metal pickup truck looks like the new truck. Parking this charming pickup truck in a flower bed or garden is full of nostalgia.
Add your own little plants to the pickup bed for more green or color. Place the truck near where you want to highlight. You will love these details, including the grille and bumper, side panels, door handles, rearview mirrors, and white wall tires.
This collectible old-fashioned black pickup truck features a classic farm car model. It is the perfect gift for Christmas, car lovers, your relatives and friends!

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