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Success Horse Pot
Product Name Succulent Pots Metal Success Horse Flower Pot Indoor Green Plant Flowerpot Metal Ornament
Classification Flowerpot
Handmade 100%
Materials iron
Weight (g) 420
Dimensions (inches) Width 8.7
Height 7.1
Depth 10.2
Occasion Home, Garden, Office, Flower Planters, Succulent Basin, Interior Decoration, Work Desk, Garden Potting, Outdoor Decoration
Style Iron art, color, with holes, exquisite, lovely, tong qu, horse, feet and head can be shaken, gifts

Introduce some uniqueness to your living room by adding metal horse pots with animal elements. Imagine the expressions of your guests while prying into these carefully hand-painted exotic animals. With these on shelves or terraces, the joy of these pots is endless.
Can be put in porch, sitting room, dining-room, club, bedroom, office to wait. As a great gift for friends or family, girlfriend, wife, mother, etc.

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