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Blue Metal Cranes with Hand-painted Design
Product Name Blue Crane Painted Metal Courtyard Garden Balcony Metal Garden Animal
Classification Ornament
Handmade 100%
Materials iron
Weight (g) 1100
Dimensions (inches) Width 21.7
Height 11.8
Depth 32.5
Occasion home, garden, porch, courtyard, lawn, yard, park, lawn, balcony, landscape
Style Iron art, blue crane, wealth, auspiciousness, ornaments, detachable, gift, collection

Crane has been the meaning of wealth, auspiciousness, loyalty and longevity since ancient times. The blue crane craned its neck and flapping its blue wings, as if to fly to the sky, enjoying the pleasure of flying. People who love gardening will like it, and the decorations are a symbol of romance.
The blue crane is made by hand from solid metal and steel parts, and cleverly hand-painted in blue and white ways. In terms of height, form, posture, hair, color, or eyes, or manner, the true crane is almost similar, and the craftsmanship is all admired. In terms of color beauty, the craftsman's hand-painting technology is really good. The color collocation, uniform ground color, the processing is vivid and wonderful, and the whole highlights a dynamic aesthetic feeling.
Add a unique and charming charm to your home, garden, porch, yard, lawn, and yard.

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